Embedded Based Electronic Voting Machine


  • Dasari Kavitha1, Anuja Priya2 1B.Tech scholar, Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University 2Assistant professor, Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University Abstract


Election is the most important process to select leaders of choice of people in a democratic country. Especially in India where population is about 1.32 billion, election is treated as festival for its citizens it becomes a tedious job to conduct the elections efficiently. The bogus vote, its protection, and erroneous counting influenced the requirement of “Electronic Voting Machine” (EVM). Though EVM were used by number of countries from a decade there are still a number of modifications observed. This paper simply reviews the existing embedded based electronic voting machine and some possible enhancements. The embedded system deals with automation of the system which take cares of data to be save within fraction of second, activating the buzzer to indicate that it is voted, showing or announcing for next voters etc. The microcontroller used works as heart and brain of the machine while electronic switches, displays, buzzer, power supply and connecters are treated as body part. Keywords: EVM, Microcontroller, PC, Display, LCD, Keyboard Matrix, Power Supply, Memory, DRE




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