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Layout Design & Power Scaling Technique in 3D Integrated Circuits

Uma Maheshwari

Volume : VOLUME 3 || Issue : ISSUE 3

Abstract :


A three-dimensional integrated circuit (3D IC) is an integrated circuit which is manufactured by stacking silicon wafers  and interconnecting them vertically using through-silicon vias  (TSVs) so that they behave as a single device to achieve performance improvements at reduced power and smaller footprint than two dimensional processes. 3D IC is a simple method of 3D integration schemes that exploit the z-direction to achieve electrical performance benefits. Temperature and reliability are two of the most important challenges associated with 3D ICs. Other challenges include signal integrity and power delivery. Thermal challenges arise from the increased power flux inherent to 3D stacking. TSV-based (Through Silicon Vias) 3D ICs, the approach of monolithic 3D ICs is recently becoming more popular. In this paper, we will discuss various characteristics of TSV that impact on the 3d chip.