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Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot

Huma khan

Volume : VOLUME 3 || Issue : ISSUE 3

Abstract :


The robots are programmed to perform certain tasks that people do not. To increase the use of robots in which the conditions are not secure, such as the burst or rescue operations, robots can be performed which follow the human operator's instruction and perform the task. Every day the gap between machinery and people narrows the introduction of new technologies to make life easier. The robot controlled by gestures is a robot that can be controlled by simple robots. The user only needs to carry a gestural device that includes a sensor. The sensor will pick up the movement of the hand in a specific direction that determines the movement of the robot in the respective direction. The robot and gesture device are connected wirelessly via radio waves. The wireless communication enable the user interact with the robot.

 In these paper different techniques of “Human-Machine Interaction” using gestures has been presented. Gestures can be captured with the help of an accelerometer, however, with the evolution of smart phone its independent usage has been rendered useless. Here the program is designed by AVR .microcontroller.