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Low Cost Electrification by Using Solar Energy


Volume : VOLUME 3 || Issue : ISSUE 2

Abstract :

From a path breaking innovation, electricity has grown into one of the most important factors helping us to sustain civilization today. The entire world economy is dependent on technology today. Yet, certain remote areas are deprived of this basic amenity, either due to the lack of concern from the authorities or due to the unawareness about harvesting locally available resources. In this paper, the challenges faced by one such area are identified and the issue is solved by utilizing alternate energy source. This paper describes how rural electrification can be implemented in a cost-effective manner without compromising efficiency. The area under study is located farthest from the existing power grid and the high expenditure that has to be incurred in its electrification withdrew the authority from this task. However the project team formed under the Local Integrated Network of Kerala IEEE Students identified that the solar energy can be harvested in the area. All the project parameters were analyzed in detail and thorough research was done on the land and its inhabitants. Underground cables were chosen as the means of transmission. The project implemented provided electricity for basic lighting devices. The project can be viewed from a global perspective, as the characteristics of the area selected are identical to similar non-electrified regions around the world.

Keywords: Solar energy, energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, rural areas.