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Role of Nanotechnology in civil construction material as Concrete

Dr.Sanjeev Gill1, Siddhant Bansal2

Volume : VOLUME 3 || Issue : ISSUE 2

Abstract :


Nanotechnology is not simply working at ever-smaller dimensions; rather, working at the nanoscale enables scientists to utilize the unique physical, chemical, mechanical, and optical properties of materials that naturally occur at that scale. In this article, use of nanotechnology in building materials on behalf of a range of civil engineering mechanism is discussed. In view of the fact that the use of nanotechnology controls the topic at the minute level, the properties of matter are sincerely affected. This article as well reveals how the use of nano technology makes concrete stronger, durable and more easily placed. Different types of nano materials used are discussed with its wide applications. The properties like self-sensing, self- rehabilitation, self-structural health monitoring, self-vibration damping, self-cleaning and self-healing are studied. Following this the analysis were carried out in ductile structural composites along with its improved properties, low repairs coatings, better properties of cementations  materials,  

Keywords: Structural, Civil engineering, Nanotechnology