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A novel bus Design Technique for On Chip buses to resolve Bus Deadlock

Mohammed Anjum, MD.Mukram Ali,

Volume : VOLUME 2 || Issue : ISSUE 4

Abstract :

AXI (Advanced Extensible Interface) is a on chip protocol which supports advanced speed transactions to improve communication efficiency. Out of order transactions that allow responses to be returned in an order different from their request order play an important role in this improvement. This kind of transactions faces the dead lock problem. In order to overcome this dram back we are implemented different kind of techniques and the techniques includes single slave methods and unique Id method and DALS (dead lock avoidance by least stalling method). In this paper we are providing BSG (bus status graph) to indicate how dead lock is overcome using different methods. Each transaction can be executed with tags is called tagged transaction and experimental results show that buses with the proposed technique faster than those with the currently available techniques. Keywords: Advanced extensible interface (AXI), bus dead- lock, on-chip bus, out-of-order transaction, and tagged transaction