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A Review on Comparison on Network on Chip (NOC) Using Simulation Tool NS2

Kusum Kardam, Akanksha Singh

Volume : VOLUME 2 || Issue : ISSUE 3

Abstract :

In the world of advance technology, Network on Chip (NOC) is widely used as communication architecture. It supplies a high quality of integration of immense amount of storage on chip blocks as well as calculation. NOC have been developed in terms of power, performance, scalability and integration capacity and literature include many relevant studies of NOC proposals and contribution.

The main aim of this paper is to build a reliable study about the available design, simulation a implementation NOC tools. We assemble a significant amount of information and characteristics about NOC dedicated tools that we will extant throughout this paper. Topology plays a huge role in network for connecting computers.

“Topology” word comes from the Greek word Topos means “Place” and Logos mean “Study”. Topology is intended for both tiny and huge networks. In this review paper, I will discuss about how the topology works, analyze and compare that different topology and calculate and compare the performance of the different topologies in wired network. Numerous studies has been done using NS2 and AWK script in order to analyze result which are evaluated for performance metrics like latency, bandwidth, throughput, end-to- end delay and many more. The effect of variations in bandwidth link, number of nodes on the network performance is analyzed over a wide range of their values. Different topologies have numerous advantages according to their application and presents brief ideas about different topologies depending on number of parameters. Best topology can be identified by comparing various parameters and result describes the network performance of different topology in the end.

Keywords -: NOC, AWK Script, Latency, Bandwidth, Different Topology, parameter, throughput, NS2 tool