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International Journal of Engineering Science and Generic Research

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Shreya sankrityayan, Ananya sankrityayan

Volume : VOLUME 2 || Issue : ISSUE 2

Abstract :

This project is electrical load control in hazardous industrial environment with touch screen based switching system. Conventional switches produce sparks which is potentially dangerous for industries where inflammable gases are present. In such a scenario it is always advisable to go for a control system involving touch screen based switches. Owners familiar with the icon system appreciate touch screens that make industrial load control user friendly. This kind of system makes operations simpler and thus reduces errors.

In order to achieve this, a touch screen panel is interfaced to the microcontroller. By touching a specific portion of this module the loads can be turned ON/OFF. The microcontroller used here is of 8051 family. This kind of technology gives control over various loads thus providing comfort, security and efficiency for the users.

Further the project can be enhanced by using RF technology. A touch panel is connected to a RF transmitter. So, instead of using a standalone control unit, by using RF technology the switching of the loads can be done wirelessly.