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Dispersion and storage coefficient influence on accumulation of frankia transport in heterogeneous silty and fine sand formation, warri, delta state of nigeria

Afiibor, B. B

Volume : VOLUME 1 || Issue : ISSUE 1

Abstract :

The study of frankia transport pressured by dispersion and storage coefficient has been thoroughly expressed. The study has monitored the deposition of frankia in silty and fine sand formation. The developed model has express the behaviour of frankia in the study location, storage coefficient and dispersions were observed to pressure the behaviour of the contaminant as  expressed in graphical representation, the fluctuation of concentration reflect the influences from porosity variation thus dispersion and storage coefficient, this  generated slight accumulation of frankia in silty and fine sand formation, this condition were examined through the rate of its deposition base on  some  fluctuation experienced  that could not monitor the detail deposition of frankia transport in silty and fine sand formation, the slight heterogeneous setting in the formation were also observed, the developed model were compared with other experimental values, both parameters expressed faviourable fits validating the model.

Keywords: Dispersion, storage coefficients frankia and heterogeneous formation