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Rajasekhar Pusuluri

Volume : VOLUME 1 || Issue : ISSUE 1

Abstract :

Rotary curing machine finds its applications in extracting compost out of the vegetable waste or the restaurants wastage, which will be fed into the machine and will be processed for at least 7 days to form the compost. The compost obtained will be further used as a fertilizer in the farming lands or to decompose hotel wastes. The existing rotary curing machines were made of steel material. The problems in rotary curing machine made of steel is found to be corrosion of walls of the machine, cost involved for manufacturing and maintenance is too high. As the rotary curing machines are huge in nature, in order to reduce the cost of manufacturing an attempt is made to use polyethylene materials In this project work major emphasis is laid on designing of rotary curing machine and manufacturing it using linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) material through Rotomoulding technology. We are focusing on usage of LLDPE material as it is corrosion resistant and cost effective. Rotomoulding technology is used to produce drum cost effectively. The detailed analysis of rotating drum and base frame is carried and results were compared with manual calculations. The results were almost matching and hence the analysis work is acceptable. The analysis of rotating drum and base frame has been carried out using Ansys Workbench 14.0. Keywords: Rotary curing machine, LLDPE