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ISSN: 2456-043X

International Journal of Engineering Science and Generic Research

An International Peer Review Journal for Engineering Science and Generic Research

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Implementation of Dynamic Key Based Stream Cipher using Pipelining in Toeplitz Hash Function

Aswini Kumar Gadige, Katabattini Kiran

Volume : VOLUME 3 || Issue : ISSUE 6

Abstract :

Hardware efficient stream ciphers and hash functions are widely utilized in cryptographic applications, for example, data transmission and information security. The onewayness and low hardware complexity of hash function make it a good candidate for authentication operation of crypto-systems. On the other hand, stream ciphers are being widely utilized in the domain of cryptology. Generally, these stream ciphers use static key stream ciphers; the key stream is usually fixed which is either a public key or a private hardware key. However, in this work, we propose a hash function based key generator and integrate the hash function based key generation with the RC4 stream cipher block so as to provide dynamic key to the RC4 stream cipher. Further, this key is utilized to generate the dynamic hardware key for the cryptographic processor. The proposed method is designed for 8-bit hash key and stream cipher utilizing Verilog HDL and simulated using Xilinx ISE 14.7 simulator. Further the design implementation has been done on the commercially available Xilinx Spartan 3E xc3s500e-4fg320 FPGA device. In an effort to extend the speed via pipelining it is proposed to RC4 Encryption and Decryption algorithms.

Keyword: Hash Function; Key Generation; Hardware Security; RC4 Stream Cipher; HDL; FPGA