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ISSN: 2456-043X

International Journal of Engineering Science and Generic Research

An International Peer Review Journal for Engineering Science and Generic Research

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Implementation of Dynamic Key Based Stream Cipher using Pipelining in Toeplitz Hash Function


Volume : VOLUME 3 || Issue : ISSUE 6

Abstract :

In this paper, a new design for dynamic key based stream cipher is proposed for the hardware cryptographic applications such as data transmission and information security. Unlike the static key based existing stream ciphers, the key stream is usually fixed which is either a public key or a private hardware key. However, in this proposed design, we have constructed the dynamic key stream the novelty of this proposed stream cipher is based on dynamic key, generated by Toeplitz hash function which is used as a key for RC4 stream cipher. Further, this key is used to generate the dynamic hardware key for the cryptographic processor. In this paper, we are using pipelining in Toeplitz Hash Function. In an effort to increase the speed via pipelining it is proposed to RC4 Encryption and Decryption algorithms.


Keyword: Hash Function; Key Generation; Hardware Security; RC4 Stream Cipher; HDL; FPGA