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Design and Implementation of a Pipelined 64 bit MAC Unit with Vedic Multiplier and Reversible DKG Gate

Akula Alivelu, Sandeep Chilumula

Volume : VOLUME 3 || Issue : ISSUE 5

Abstract :


The MAC unit which is drawn most importance in the DSP, has to concerned at much greater part. Optimizing the MAC unit plays a major role in DSP applications, optimizing the MAC require to cut down the two parameters: Power and Latency. The design of the MAC unit is based on the Vedic multiplier and the Reversible DKG gate. The Vedic multiplier is designed with the ancient Indian mathematics based on Atharvana Veda called “Urdhva Triyakbhyam. The adder unit is design with the Reversible Logic DKG adder. The reversible logic is one of the emerging out technology which is the future of Quantum computing. It has the advantage of least power consumption. The increasing trends in the VLSI and Low power design have increased the need of low power dissipation circuits to be designed. The Vedic Multiplier has the advantage of generating the partial products with reduce number and decreasing the latency. The 64 MAC unit design is programmed using Verilog - HDL using Xilinx ISE 14.7. The FPGA implementation is done on Spartan3E.

Keyword: Vedic multiplier, Reversible DKG gate component, Urdhvariyakbhayam.