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Design of High Secure Authentication using SHA3-1024 Algorithm for Digital Signatures

Naga Sindhu Somasi, Saidulu Inamanamelluri

Volume : VOLUME 3 || Issue : ISSUE 4

Abstract :

Five people with five different approaches proposed SHA3 algorithm, out of them NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) selected one approach, that approach was proposed by Keccak. The Keccak-f permutation is the basic component of Keccak Hash function and supports 224-bit, 256-bit, 384-bit and 512- bit hash variants. The basic SHA3 using 512 bits converts 128 bits input. In our paper, for improving the security margin with respect to 512-bit, we are designing 128 bit Keccak sequential architecture for SHA- 1024, by merging the three transforms i.e. rho, pi and chi in to single transform which is to be implemented using Xilinx 14.7.

Keywords: Theta, Rho, Pi, chi, Iota.