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Design and implementation of Wallace tree multiplier using parllel prefix adder (Kogge Stone adder)

Telagathoti Koteswara Rao, Prakash Palachuru

Volume : VOLUME 3 || Issue : ISSUE 4

Abstract :

Fixed point Wallace tree multiplier architecture is used to perform multiple multiplications on different data paths. Wallace tree multiplier using Kogge Stone and Brent Kung adders perform more number of multiplications in parallel with fewer extra carry save adder stages than existing multiplier. The modified n-bit Wallace tree multiplier structure is used to perform four (n/2)×(n/2)-bit multiplications, two n×(n/2)-bit multiplications and one n×n-bit multiplication in parallel. In the existing Wallace tree multiplier design Carry lookahed adder (CLA) is used. To further improve the speed and to reduce the area parallel prefix adders are used in the modified Wallace tree multiplier.  The Kogge Stone adder (KSA) is used for high-speed and Brent Kung adder (BKA) is used to reduce the area. Wallace tree multiplier using KSA and BKA are implemented using Xilinx 14.7

Keywords: Kogge stone adder, Brent Kung adder, Wallace tree multiplier.