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Online Mobile Shopping

Rashmi Sreyash

Volume : VOLUME 3 || Issue : ISSUE 3

Abstract :


Online shopping is a form of electronics commerce which allows consumers to directly buy good form a seller over the internet. This will let consumer to view and order products online from any part of the world. Online Mobile Shopping provides the facility of browsing the Mobiles according to category and generating order list using add to cart feature. The paper-less ordering can be done using Online Mobile World which is speedy and accurate. Online ordering is convenient. There is no pressure to buy .The user can browse the Mobiles of his choice and can view detail selected Mobile. ADD to cart feature is given to the user by Online Mobile World. User can add more than one Mobiles to the cart and quantity of the Mobile can be edited and accordingly the total price is evaluated. User can remove the product from the cart until he is ready to finalize the list of the Mobiles.