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Automatic Accident Detection and Notification System

Beauty Kumari

Volume : VOLUME 3 || Issue : ISSUE 3

Abstract :


Parking spot monitoring can be used for various smart parking applications. One particular use is detecting the city wide occupancy level of the parking spaces and redirecting cars accordingly to reduce congestion. The practice of monitoring parking spots is already widespread in modern off-street parking lots. However, a large fraction of a city's parking capacity still stems from on-street parking spots. These aren't yet monitored as commonly. This can be explained by higher deployment costs for on-street implementations. In light of improving the adoption of on-street parking spot monitoring, this paper evaluates a novel approach to reduce these deployment costs. The idea is to provide sensor readings on only a fraction of the parking spots and use extrapolation to calculate city wide saturation levels. This reduces the number of sensors that has to be installed and consequently lowers the network cost. We propose a new “smart parking” system for an urban environment. The system assigns and reserves an optimal parking space for a driver based on the user’s requirements that combine proximity to destination and parking cost, while also ensuring that the overall parking capacity is efficiently utilized