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Adaptive Technology PIR Based Raw and IB Security System

Anjali Priya

Volume : VOLUME 3 || Issue : ISSUE 3

Abstract :


This project is special and efficient system for security purpose. In this project we provide criminals detection and mention the direction and included shoot out with laser with On the basis of rotation of stepper motor. These days, radars are being used for detection but there are some materials like indium phosphide that can absorb the electromagnetic waves, so, to eliminate this disadvantage we use the P.I.R sensor which does not work on the principle of sending and receiving the EM waves as RADAR does, but it detects the infrared radiations of the human body which can’t be blocked by any material and then identifies the target. Due to increasing number of crime and burglary, the need of security system is very essential. The security system that monitors the area throughout the time and reacts effective to the threat is in need. We have lots of security systems in the market for both indoor and outdoor applications such as ultrasonic detectors, CCTV, microwave detectors, photoelectric detectors, infrared detectors etc. However one or the other systems have the limitations of being expensive, more electrical power consumption, more memory space utilization of the recording system and complex circuitry, etc. A solution to overcome these problems could be by using a sensor of low cost which has the ability to detect the intruders as they come within the sensor’s detection range and generates an output. This output can be used for further signal processing or activating other devices like alarm system, lighting system, recording system and similar devices. This could at least save some power consumptions as some components get actuated only when there are intruders in the sensors detection range. Passive Infrared Sensor is a low cost, low power and reliable sensor. Therefore it was felt that a PIR sensor based security system consisting of the sensor, laser shooter and a LCD pageant could overcome few or all of the above stated problems. The sensor can detect the presence.